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Are you looking for a flexible learning schedule? Or do you have specific requirements that sit outside of a standard course? Then our private tuition is perfect for you!!

Learn Mandarin Your Way!


Enjoy tailored lessons matched to your needs, pace and schedule. No student is the same and our lessons reflect that.

Progress Faster

Get substantial results from day one under the guidance and in-depth support from your teacher.


Gain Confidence

Build your confidence to speak and listen with lots of personalised practice.

Have flexibility

Have lessons work around your schedule. Pause lessons when you go on holiday.

What Can Private Tuition Help You With?

everyday chinese

Everyday Chinese

Master daily topics from ordering a beer, to understanding TV!

refresh memory


Consolidate and get comfortable with previously learned material.

business workspace

Business Chinese

Get great with reading, presenting, or whatever you need on specialist business topics.

test prep

Test Preparation

Prepare for HSK, University and GCSE exams. We have a track record of helping students excel.

travel or relocation

Travel or Relocation

Supercharge your China expereince and learn practical language skills and culture tips.

Start Your Pathway to Fluency

discovery conversation

1. Email Us

Email us and we will do the rest! We will find out your needs and put together a free personalised learning plan to meet your language goals.

determine your level

2. Meet Your Mandarin Tutor

Meet your tutor for your trial lesson and see how fun and easy it is to learn Chinese with us.

tailored program

3. Achieve Results

If you like the trial lesson, we will set you up with future classes, and you'll soon start feeling that sense of achievement!

Private Mandarin Tuition Cost

Online tuition

Our students love the convenience and affordability of online lessons. Online lessons also come with FREE lesson recordings to help you catch up and revise!

Trial lesson (90 min)



1 student £57
2 students £57

90 minutes



1 student £66
2 students £84


10x90 minutes



1 student £615
2 students £795

5x90 minutes



1 student £330
2 students £420

Face to face tuition

You can have lessons in our office in Central London minutes from Waterloo, Southwark and Blackfriars station, or if you prefer, we can meet you at a convenient location in town.  

Trial lesson (90 min)



1 student £57
2 students £57

90 minutes



1 student £81
2 students £99


10x90 minutes



1 student £765
2 students £945

5x90 minutes



1 student £405
2 students £495

Not sure what's right for you?

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Learn Smarter, Not Harder

Our aim is to ensure that you soon become fluent and comfortable with day-to-day Chinese. We do that by taking a consultative approach with our private tuitions, to ensure we understand you, and your individual needs and develop a tailored learning plan for you. We will do as much as heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

What Our Students Say

China Unbound is bringing a personable touch to the learning of Mandarin!

Our students love us! See what they have to say by watching our testimonials video. 

What Our Students Say

"Before learning Chinese I tried taster classes with a few companies to see what suited me best. I had a taster class with China Unbound and knew straight away this was the firm for me, my tutor was happy to alter my lessons to suit my specific goals, spends her time explaining the reasons why when I'm struggling to understand and most importantly, she's patient when my memory leave me and I'm struggling to remember!"
Edward Rothery
"I have been having private one-to-one lessons with my tutor Grace for the past couple of years and my Mandarin has improved to the point where I have got a new job more related to my degree as a result of my tutor's tuition. She is kind, patient but serious and helps me with any grammatical errors I encounter through free flow conversation and correcting me when necessary."
Kira Farrell
"I study mandarin at university as a part of my degree but found the course content lacked a focus on speaking and listening. Since studying with Grace my speaking ability has come on in leaps and bounds, from someone who could barely string a sentence together to being able to hold nearly 20 minutes of conversation at the start of every session. Furthermore, she has been amazing at helping me fully comprehend the grammar points taught in university lessons. I cannot recommend her or China Unbound enough."
Natasha O’connor
"I found my teacher to be a patient and enjoyable teacher. The lessons sometimes felt like friends meeting up for a chat but in a foreign language. That's not to say the lessons were not structured or lacklustre. Multiple reading material was provided found both in teaching books and online which enabled me to improve not only my understanding of the language but also of my parents' country and culture. It was and still is a great experience"
Darren Yeung
"Very practical. I learnt in a much more efficient manner than I did when I learned Chinese at one of London's universities many years ago!"
Andrew Orchard
Canary Wharf
"I needed to learn Mandarin quickly for my job as a news reporter and after only 3 months of weekly learning, I now feel confident in communicating in basic Mandarin."
Crystal Chung


Life (and holiday!) happens, so it’s normal that you may need to skip or reschedule lessons sometimes – but don’t let that stop you from starting!  We offer flexible rescheduling for all our private classes – you can reschedule lessons without charge as long as you let us know 48 hours before your lesson time.

Because you’ll hit a ‘wall’ at some point. Apps and videos are great for practice, particularly for characters, vocabulary and grammar patterns. However, when you learn through Apps and videos, your speaking and listening tends to be weaker, and you can’t get clarification for things you don’t understand. We find students who learn from Apps and videos tend to have a wider vocabulary bank but struggles more at using them in the correct context.  

In addition, as you progress, what you don’t understand earlier also becomes a bigger problem as knowledge are built on each other. Having the guidance and support from an experienced teacher helps you overcome this.

Private tuition also allow for maximum flexibility to work on your weaknesses and tailor the pace and content entirely to your needs.

If you are serious about learning and want to make the most of your time to make good progress, taking classes is a better option especially for a language like Chinese. 

In short, because we believe learning should be enjoyed, not endured; because we believe in the power of application (not regurgitation); we believe in the importance of practical content; and we believe that a relaxed and safe environment to make mistakes are vital to learning.

Our lessons are personalised, we pay attention to each student’s goals, strengths, weaknesses and target timeframe for fast and sustained progress.

Our teachers all have a strong command of English, enabling us to make the complex and nuances clear and easy to understand.

Our focus is to help you truly learn – so we challenge you to apply, not blindly regurgitate, to understand the ‘3D’ meaning of words, not just its meaning in a single context, and to immerse in cultural field trips within each course as well as our language meetups to build confidence!

Everyone has a different definition of basics! But if you want to be able to do basic greetings, introduce yourself, your job, family (and asking others), and to order simple food and drinks, it is achievable in 10 weeks. (our Beginner 1 course covers all the above).  Obviously how fluent you are would depend on how much work you put in yourself, but to function at that basic level, it takes much less time than you may imagine.

Good question (though not an easy one)! It depends on the intensity of your study, for example, someone who has time for 4 hours a week and immerse themselves in the language on a daily basis (e.g. through watching TV programmes, reading books, listening to podcasts etc) will achieve fluency faster than someone who can spend only 2 hours a week. 

As a general guide, if you do 1.5 hour lessons per week, plus 1.5 to 2 hours study outside of the class as advised by us, you can expect to achieve reasonable fluency as our learning map outlines.

Yes, we make payment easier for our private tuition lessons through:

1) Block booking discounts for 10+ lessons,

2) Payment by credit card or PayPal. 

You can come to our office in Central London, 6 minutes walk from Blackfriars and Southwark station, and 12 minutes walk from Waterloo station.

We also cover most of zone 1 to 3 in London. We can come to your office or meet you at a location convenient to you. We have a list of quiet cafés and hotel locations suitable for lessons in most areas which you can choose from. 

We recommend a minimum of 1.5 hours per lesson per week if you want good progress. Having said that, we know some of you have very busy schedules, so ask for an 1 hour lessons if it suits you better.