Aka The Inclusive Confucian
Mandarin Tutor

Personal Profile:

  • Born in China
  • Educated in Zhejiang, Hong Kong, Taiwan and London
  • World traveller, great talker
  • Relevant experience in Language and Speech Therapy
  • All students have ‘special needs’
  • Empathetic content creator
  • Creative motivator
  • Active contributor to Tik Tok education
  • Former volunteer at Confucius Institute

Professional Creds:

  • MSC Psychology of Education, UCL
  • 1st Class Honours from Zhejiang University, a prestigious institute in China
  • Practical experience in international teaching and research leading to an inclusive approach
  • Proven effectiveness in tailoring lessons that captures student interest and maximise learning
  • Consistently praised by pupils for impactful and effective teaching practices
  • Approachable, great at fostering a friendly and open learning environment