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How to speak Chinese like a pro

Have you been learning Chinese for a while, but you still feel intimidated to engage in a conversation with a native speaker? Are you feeling frustrated because you sound like a textbook when you speak Chinese? Or maybe you’ve opened your mouth and the right words are just not coming to mind?

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4 Reasons Chinese is not as hard as you think

Chinese is widely perceived as one of the most challenging languages to learn. Have you ever been intimidated by complicated characters, tricky pronunciations, or confusing tones? If you worry that Chinese is too hard to learn, this article is for you – let’s take a look at the truth behind these notorious myths!

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T, 38, Shanghai 上海 – On China’s urban density

“If you can find something significant to write about then sure, you can do a story about me!” T chuckles to herself, fiddling with her fork over a plate of smoked salmon salad. It’s the eve before her 39th birthday and we’re having dinner in JingAn – one of the most upmarket districts in Shanghai (and thereby China).

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