Learn Mandarin

For Cantonese Speakers

We relate the structure, with translations in Cantonese, to help Cantonese speakers pick up Mandarin more quickly.

We will often focus more on pronunciation and building your comfort, and confidence level to speak, as these tend to be the most common challenges Cantonese speakers face.

Each level of our Mandarin courses are available for Cantonese speakers. With the same content, but our trainers will explain and relate back in Cantonese where relevant to help you understand more easily!

You don’t have to be fluent in Cantonese or necessarily know how to read or write – if you have some knowledge of conversational Cantonese, you could be better off doing these courses designed for Cantonese speakers.

Private Tuition

If you want a more flexible date and time, or you want to learn specific topics, check out our private tuition option.

Group Classes

Learn together in a group, have conversations in Chinese with each other so you get used to the language.

Online Classes

Stay at home to join our class. Online classes via Zoom are available.

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Why China Unbound?

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Our Tutors

Learn from experienced and knowledgeable educators in Chinese culture and language.



We love having fun as much as you do. Learning doesn't have to be boring



All courses are catered to students' needs, and 1-1 help is always available.

What Our Students Say


"My teacher is an amazing teacher with a lot of patience, she is very flexible in her approach and was able to cater to my specific needs, as I was a Cantonese speaker with prior knowledge of Mandarin looking to brush up my language skills. I would recommend China Unbound to any Mandarin learners of all abilities."
Laura Harrison
"I've been taking Cantonese lessons with China Unbound for over two years now and have made great progress. The lessons are fun and interactive, with lots of opportunity to ask questions. I'd definitely recommend China Unbound for anyone learning Cantonese for the first time."
Marc Cerretti
"My mother tongue is Cantonese and I have been living abroad for a long time. Determined to improve my Mandarin fluency, I went to China Unbound for help. My tutor’s patient, well-organised and fun to work with. She’s helped me with my pronunciations and taught me business mandarin. I applied what I’ve learnt during my recent business trip to China and felt so much more confident in speaking Mandarin. I ‘d highly recommend China Unbound to Mandarin students at any levels."
Mazika Li
"Been learning Cantonese with my teacher for a couple of years to communicate with my girlfriend's family in Hong Kong. She has been very helpful and is a good teacher. I recommended China Unbound highly!"
Matthew Horn