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For Cantonese Speakers

Are you a Cantonese speaker looking to learn Mandarin? Then our Mandarin courses for Cantonese speakers are perfect for you! 

Learn Mandarin The Smart Way!

Cantonese speakers, rejoice! Learning Mandarin just got easier! Your Cantonese knowledge is your secret weapon, but traditional courses often miss the mark.

Here's how Cantonese gives you a head start:

discovery conversation

Familiar words?

Check! You already know half the vocabulary, think of it like finding your favourite dim sum dish on a new menu.

Grammar head start?

Double Check! Cantonese grammar is Mandarin's cool cousin, making the rules a breeze to grasp.

increase confidence

Sentence structure advantage?

Triple Check! Cantonese and Mandarin love the same sentence order, so it's like wearing comfy slippers to class.

Mandarin courses, designed for Cantonese speakers:

We are the only school that offers tailored Mandarin courses for Cantonese speakers. Our Mandarin lessons are sculpted just for you, as a Cantonese speaker, leveraging your knowledge to make the journey smooth and effortless.

Ready to unlock your unfair advantage? Choose your learning style below and get ready to wow your friends, family, and maybe even your boss with your newfound fluency.

Private Tuition

Each Cantonese-speaking student's background and existing knowledge is unique, and so are their learning needs. Master Mandarin at your own rhythm with private tuition.


Group Classes

Dive into our lively group courses to practice and learn with others! We'll have you chatting like a native in no time. Contact us for next course dates and join the Mandarin fun!

Why China Unbound?

Experience matters

We've pioneered tailored Cantonese-focused Mandarin courses since day one, we know exactly what works to accelerate your fluency.

Forget one-size-fits-all!

By drawing parallels between Cantonese and Mandarin, we can focus on what you need most - pronunciation, listening, and fluency – helping you learn better with less effort.

Native guidance

Our Cantonese-speaking tutors understand your intended meaning even if you mispronounce words, allowing them to correct your pronunciation and boost your Mandarin fluency fast.

What Our Students Say


"My teacher is an amazing teacher with a lot of patience, she is very flexible in her approach and was able to cater to my specific needs, as I was a Cantonese speaker with prior knowledge of Mandarin looking to brush up my language skills. I would recommend China Unbound to any Mandarin learners of all abilities."
Laura Harrison
"My mother tongue is Cantonese and I have been living abroad for a long time. Determined to improve my Mandarin fluency, I went to China Unbound for help. My tutor’s patient, well-organised and fun to work with. She’s helped me with my pronunciations and taught me business Mandarin. I applied what I’ve learnt during my recent business trip to China and felt so much more confident in speaking Mandarin. I ‘d highly recommend China Unbound to Mandarin students at any levels."
Mazika Li
"My organisation wants to work more closely with mainland China, so I needed a one-on-one Mandarin tutor. After two years, I am very happy with my Mandarin progress. Grace is a patient and caring teacher, and helpfully also knows Cantonese. Definitely recommend!."
Cheryl Hung