Foundational Chinese Business & Language Training

Learn about the culture of Chinese business, get an introduction to the Chinese language & learn about Chinese management & leadership styles. Broaden your knowledge and obtain new opportunities.

Cultural competence in international business is essential. It saves you unnecessary time, money, confusion and helps you maximise opportunities.   

  • Are you working with Chinese clients, partners, suppliers, or managing Chinese staff? 
  • Are you experiencing difficulties and unsure about how to get the most of working with Chinese people? 

The Foundational Chinese Business & Language Training course provides executives who are considering or in the early stages of China market entry, with important cultural context and understanding to work effectively, build lasting relationships, and build high-performing teams with Chinese people, in China or the UK. 



This course covers all the basic fundamentals to help you understand and leverage cultural differences for business and professional success. It provides practical guidance and tool kits for solving cross-cultural challenges, empowering executives and business owners to develop culturally relevant sales and marketing, negotiation, leadership, and customer service strategies and solutions.  


Our Foundational Chinese Business & Language Training course is a comprehensive program, covering the following 4 key topics. Of which the Negotiation module and the Management & Leadership module are available to book individually if you want to focus just on these topics.


Cross-Culture Differences

effective negotiation

Effective Negotiation

management and leadership

Management & Leadership

team training

Survival Business Mandarin

This course covers all topics, but if you specifically want help on Negotiation and/or Management & Leadership, you can book these modules separately here:

Who Should Attend?

Anyone working with Chinese clients, partners, suppliers, or staff, particularly those who manage, inspire, and lead multicultural teams across the UK, Europe, China, and Africa, such as: 

  • Senior managers 
  • Project managers
  • Business owners  
  • Heads of departments 
  • Sales & Marketing team  
  • Client services team

Choose A Course That Suits You

Further be-spoked training or Executive Coaching can be provided after the course to support you with implementation.

Executive Coaching:

Half Day - Online





4 Hours


25 Nov, 27 Jan, 24 Mar, 19 May, 29 Sept, 24 Nov

£300 – per person  
£1,050 – team of up to 5 people (30% off) 
£2,100 – team of up to 10 people (30% off)

Full Day - Online





1 Day


26 Nov, 28 Jan, 25 Mar, 20 May, 30 Sept, 25 Nov

£425 – per person  
£1,500 – team of up to 5 people (30% off) 
£2,975 – team of up to 10 people (30% off)

Full Day - In-Person (In Your Office)

Prefer a full day face to face session? Contact us.

Experienced and Engaging Trainers

Our courses are designed and delivered by China cultural experts with over 2years of experience helping UK and Chinese companies. They bring together their handson commercial experience grounded by theory, research and case studieshelping you operate with confidence.

Yeow Poon

Dr. Yeow Poon is a management consultant with 25 years experience in a wide range of governance, capacity building, management, and leadership development projects in the United Kingdom, Vietnam, China, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, South Africa, and Greece. He has a particular interest in cross-cultural governance, leadership, management, and organisation development issues. Yeow is the Chair of the Chinese Community Centre in Birmingham, President of England China Business Forum, Chair of Arts in the Yard, and the main driver behind China West Midlands 2020, an initiative to build stronger cross-cultural connections between China and the West Midlands. He was the Business Desk Midlands Leadership Award winner for the Public and Third Sector 2018. At China Unbound, Yeow runs regular Executive Coaching sessions for a major Chinese financial institution.

Grace Zhao

Grace is the founder of China Unbound, before her teaching career. Originally from Guangzhou, Grace’s family emigrated to New Zealand when she was a teenager. She is trilingual in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. She has 10 years of experience as a language trainer, delivering Chinese courses to SMEs and Fortune 500s, including ICBC Standard Bank, PWC, The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, and more. In addition to her teaching experience, Grace spent several years working in marketing with an emphasis on ‘doing business with the Chinese’. Her business experience enables her to re-create realistic scenarios in the classroom to prepare her clients to work in a global environment. Her views on doing business with China were published in the Nee Hao Magazine and Eye For Pharma.

What Our Students Say

“Being almost totally ignorant of the Chinese way of doing business I found this course extremely helpful.  It gave me a good understanding of business etiquette and the way in which business is conducted in China.  All of the important basics of how to do business were successfully covered in a relaxed and informative way. I feel confident that I now am ready to take my first steps along the long Silk Road to success in China.”
Ian Mann
Chief Executive, London Corporate Training
“Very useful content, very knowledgeable trainers and a friendly group. The relationship module was very useful for negotiation."
Stacey Body
CEO, Chapter Place Associates
"Very worthwhile - I now feel far better equipped to do business with the Chinese people, the business context and mentality module was very useful and so is the Pin Yin introduction, the etiquette session at the restaurant was excellent!"
Association of Corporate Treasurers
"Interesting, entertaining and full of insights; and a course to recommend to those wanting to do business in China or with Chinese business people!"
Sheldon Cordell
Chairman, Joelson Law

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