Executive Coaching

Learn the management and leadership of Chinese staff and culture.

This course is open all year and the date is set to suit your schedule – just let us know when!

What You Will Learn

Understand differences in organisation culture and how they affect organisation structures and performance

Comparative leadership and management styles, their impacts on decision making structure, delegation process, motivation, and performance management

Effective cross-culture communication

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business management

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Learn from experienced and knowledgeable educators in Chinese culture and language.


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What Our Students Say

"My organisation wants to work more closely with mainland China, so I needed a one-on-one Mandarin tutor. I chose China Unbound because of the business focus, and because they could accommodate my frequent travel. After two years, I am very happy with my Mandarin progress. Definitely recommend!"
Cheryl Hung
"Very focused, good pace, practical and enjoyable."
Stacey Body
International Liaison Director, Harwood Hutton
"The courses are extremely good value, and they work very hard to tailor content according to your needs."
Daniel Rainer
"Very clear, easy to understand, now I understand Pinyin!"
Steve Kemp
Director, Auto Flame