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What Our Students Say

"Fantastic Mandarin lessons with China Unbound. Grace Zhao makes an incredibly difficult language easier to access and it was possible to have a real conversation in just one day. Unlike other courses I've attended, the emphasis was on sounds rather than symbols so it was possible to pronounce anything in Pinyin, the Romanised form, very quickly. The handouts were a great memory jogger. Highly recommended."
Claire Martin
Managing Director, Davica HR
"The Survival Mandarin course was superb. Perfect for the time poor professional."
Domenica Di Lieto
Managing Director, Emerging Communications
"Really helpful way of teaching.. small group exercises are comfortable. Thank you!"
Esther Teeken
GTIL Finance Director - Global head of Finance, Grant Thornton
"With so much to learn, this intro course can only cover the basics, which it does very well."
Mike Brunsdon
Infrastructure Architect, ICBC Standard Bank
"Exceeded my expectations of our abilities to pick up the basics. Very happy!"
John Blake
Managing Director, Sovereign Trust (Gibraltar)

Qiān zhī xíng   shǐ  xià

     千  里  之  行,  始    于  足 下。

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.