Survival Business Mandarin – with extra Confidence!

Survival Business Mandarin with Extra Confidence!

(Flexible Dates)


This course is carefully developed to help professionals speak confidently in routine scenarios for daily greetings, social, travel, making purchases and essential business phrases.

  • Speak confidently in 5 mostly used scenarios for daily & business occasions
  • 15 hours flexible programme designed to fit around your schedule
  • Typically 10 weeks with 1.5 hours per week – or as requested
  • Allows time to digest, practice material and maximises retention
  • Includes cultural immersion activity such as visiting a restaurant to help you put things into practice!
  • 1 to 1 (or private group) at your office (within zone 2)


  • Start date & time to suit your schedule

For who?

Course Outline

Here’s our typical course outline, but can be tailored to target your specific needs.

Week 1 Pinyin – people and place names
Week 2 Pinyin reinforced: Tricky Pinyins and tones
Week 3 Daily essentials – greetings, thank you, apologies, asking for directions
Week 4 Expressing needs and wants, numbers and dates.
Culture: numbers in Chinese
Week 5 Making purchases and bargaining.
Culture: bargaining tips!
Week 6 Eating out essentials – order food and drinks, get the bill, complaining correctly or delivering compliments.
Culture: table etiquette
Week 7 Travel on your own – with taxi, train, and the airportAsking the time, telling time
Week 8 Business essentials – introductions, meetings, networking Safe travel
Week 9 Asking for directions
Week 10 Revision and cultural activity!


  • Full course £825 (£55 per hour)
  • Try one lesson £82.50 (1.5 hours)
  • More than 2 people? – please contact us for group discounts

Your Trainer

Our trainer for this course is Grace Zhao, she specialises in teaching beginner and intermediate Mandarin to professionals.

After graduating from the University of Auckland, Grace spent several years working in marketing with an emphasis on ‘doing business with the Chinese.’ Originally from Guangzhou, Grace’s family emigrated to New Zealand when she was a teenager. She is tri-lingual in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

Grace is the Managing Director of China Unbound, which runs Chinese language as well as Chinese cultural competence training for businesses and professionals. As such she is able to bring her business experience to her language training and re-create real-life scenarios in the classroom in order to prepare clients to better work in an international environment.

Their clients range from SMEs to large corporates such as Grant Thornton, Emerging Communications, SB Wealth Management, The Association of Corporate Treasurers and professionals across different industries.


Date:  As requested

Time:  As requested

Duration: 15 hours


At your office or ours

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