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Vocab Builder – Days, Time, Arranging Plans

Vocab Builder Numbers in Use (1) – Dates
What day is it today? (today/what day)
Jin1tian1 xing1 qi1 ji3?
Today is Monday. (today/Monday)
Jin1tian1 xing1 qi1 yi1.
Week Xing1 qi1 星期
Monday Xing1 qi1 yi1 星期一
Tuesday Xing1 qi1 er4 星期二
Wednesday Xing1 qi1 san1 星期三
Thursday Xing1 qi1 si4 星期四
Friday Xing1 qi1 wu3 星期五
Saturday Xing1 qi1 liu4 星期六
Sunday Xing1 qi1 ri4 / tian1 星期日/天
What date is it today? (today/what date)
Jin1tian1 ji3 hao4?
Today is Nov 15 th , 2017 (today/is/2016 year/Nov/15 th)
Jin1 tian1 shi4 2017 nian2, 11 yue4, 15 hao4.
Month Yue4
Jan Yi1 yue4 一月
Feb (to Dec) Er4 yue4 二月
Year Nian2
Year 2017 Er4 ling2 yi1 qi1 nian2 2017 年
Vocab Builder Numbers in Use (2)– Time
What time is it now? (now/what/time)
Xian4 zai4 ji2 dian3 le?It’s 3 pm now. (now/3 o’clock)
Xian4 zai4 xia4 wu3 san1 dian3 le.
O’clock Dian3
Minutes Fen1
Half (30 mins) past Ban4
A quarter Yi1 ke4 一刻
10 o’clock Shi2 dian3 十点
10:05 Shi2 dian3 ling2 wu3 fen1 十点零五分
Quarter past 10 Shi2 dian3 yi1 ke4 十点一刻
7:50 Cha4 shi2 fen1 ba1 dian3
(lack 10 minutes to 8)
TIME OF DAY Morning zao3 shang4 早上
Afternoon xia4 wu3 下午
Evening wan3 shang4 晚上
TODAY/TOMORROW Today Jin1 tian1 今天
Tomorrow Ming2 tian1 明天
Yesterday Zuo2 tian1 昨天
Numbers in Use (3) – Making Plans
What time do you go to work? (you/what time/go to work)
Ni3 ji2 dian3 shang4ban1?
I go to work at 9.00. (I/9.00 o’clock/meeting)
Wo3 jiu3 dian3 shang4ban1
Are you free tomorrow at 2? (you/tomorrow/2 o’clock/free?)
Ni3 ming2 tian1 liang2 dian3 you3 kong4 ma?
Let’s go have coffee tomorrow. (we/together/drink coffee/suggestion)
Wo3 men2 yi1qi3 he1 ka1fei1 ba.
ACTIVITIES Go to work Shang4 ban1 上班
Finish work Xia4 ban1 下班
Get up Qi3 chuang2 起床
Have Chinese lessons Shang4 zhong1 wen2 ke4 上中文课
Watch movie Kan4 dian4 ying3 看电影
Sleep Shui4 jiao4 睡觉
Have a coffee He1 ka1fei1 喝咖啡
Have a meeting
(work meeting only)
Kai1 hui1 开会
MORE TIME PHRASES This week Zhe4 ge4 xing1 qi1 这个星期
THIS WEEK MONDAY This Monday Zhe4 ge4 xing1 qi1 yi1 这个星期一
Next week Xia4 ge4 xing1 qi1 下个星期
Next Monday Xia4 ge4 xing1 qi1 yi1 下个星期一
Last week Shang4 ge4 xing1 qi1 上个星期
Last Monday Shang4 ge4 xing1 qi1 yi1 上个星期一
THIS MONTH 2ND This month Zhe4 ge4 yue4 这个月
2nd this month Zhe4 ge4 yue4 er4 hao4 这个月二号
Next month Xia4 ge4 yue4 下个月
Last month Shang4 ge4 yue4 上个月
THIS YEAR MARCH This year Jin1 nian2 今年
This year March Jin1 nian2 san1 yue4 今年三月
Next year Ming2 nian2 明年
Last year Qu4 nian2
(or shang4 nian2)
DURATION One day Yi1 tian1 一天
One week Yi1 ge4 xing1qi1 一个星期
Two months Liang3 ge4 yue4 两个月
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