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Vocab Builder – Action Verbs

Vocab Builder ACTION VERBS
KEY PHRASES I want to go.
Wo3 xiang3 qu4. (我想去)
Don’t go.
Bu4yao4 qu4. (不要去)
I need to go.
Wo3 yao4 qu4. (我要去)
Didn’t go.
Mei2you3 qu4. (没有去)
I can go.
Wo3 ke3yi3 qu4 . (我可以去)
Have been (as in gone, Present Perfect Tense of go).
Qu4 guo4. 去过
I can’t go.
Wo3 bu4 ke3yi3 qu4
Haven’t been (as in gone)
Mei2 (you3) qu4 guo4.
Return Hui2 (Qu4) 回(去)
Say shuo1
Write Xie3
Listen Ting1
Read (book, newspaper) Du2
Look Kan4
Sit Zuo4
Laugh Xiao4
Cry Ku1
Play Wan2
Do Zuo4
Buy Mai3
Sell Mai4
Help Bang1
Give Gei3
Wait Deng3
Try Shi4
Remember Ji4de2 记得
Forgot Wang4 ji4 忘记
Cook Zuo4 fan4 做饭
Watch movie Kan4 dian4 ying3 看电影
Sing Chang4 ge1 唱歌
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