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How to succeed in a Cross Cultural workplace

November 27 @ 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm



Today most businesses are global by nature. Instead of working with suppliers and employees from our own cultures, a large number of us are working with individuals from around the world on a daily basis.

While it enables us to serve our customers better, these cross cultural conversations also give us more opportunities to misunderstand each other.  Yet how we are thinking about working effectively hasn’t change enough, and we often still stuck talking about management as if we were working in a mono culture world according to a Forbes article.

Recognising and navigating through these differences has a profound impact on the performance of  individuals and the overall team, improving the bottom line, efficiency and team moral.

Cultural differences such as communication style, importance attached to relationship building, expectations of professional vs personal life, management style play a role on team performance.

Would you like to lead and work more effectively in a cross culture workplace and scale this globally to master doing business successfully in China and beyond? Then this talk is for you!

Our guest speaker, Paul Bailey, General Manager (Europe) from industry leading intercultural specialist RW-3 CultureWizard will share:

  • Insights into key challenges executives experience when working in cross cultural teams, based on CultureWizard’s 2018 survey of 1,620 executives in major organisations from 90 countries
  • The impact of different cultural communication styles, relationships and time
  • Practical strategies managers can use to improve performance of cross cultural teams
  • Lessons from a case study involving US and China teams working together on a billion dollar joint venture project in Shanghai, which opened with massive success in June 2016

Join our talk and network with other global industry leaders working with China and beyond!


Paul Bailey is RW3, Cultural Wizard′s General Manager for Europe. He has experience assisting companies in managing their international relocation processes and intercultural learning programs, for over 20 years.

Initially, Paul worked within, and then managed, ECA International’s European Client Services team based in London, later moving on to assume overall responsibility for all Account Management and Conference activities. He then relocated to New York for five years, as VP for ECA Windham, in charge of all Compensation Consulting and Account Management functions for the Americas, while also operating as a training resource for the Windham Intercultural business.

Now repatriated in London, he is responsible for managing relationships with our existing European clients, managing our alliances within EMEA, and establishing further growth within the region.

During that that time, Paul has been a regular chair and speaker at many conferences and meetings in the US and Europe.


How to succeed in a cross cultural workplace 27 Nov


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Start Date
27 November 2018
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27 November 2018
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6:00 pm
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8:30 pm


157 Waterloo Rd, Lambeth
London, SE1 8XA United Kingdom


How to succeed in a cross cultural workplace 27 Nov


Only 39 left

SKU: 2234-83-working-effectively-in-cross-cultural-virtual-teams-8-nov-18
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