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Evening Mandarin Courses

A fun and relaxing environment helps you to learn Mandarin

“In the West, the only place that Success comes before work is in the Dictionary!”

Whatever your situation, let us take your Mandarin to the next level – in style and with ease! Our relaxed approach to teaching you Chinese maximises the quality of your time and effort.

  • Interested in learning Chinese?
  • Want to add value to yourself in business and increase your future job prospects?
  •  Perhaps you’ve already studied Chinese or worked in China before and want to keep up with the language?
  •  Maybe you’re just in love with the Chinese language, Chinese culture and Chinese people – who can blame you?!

Beginner 1
– Survival 101

  • Master Pinyin – The Chinese pronunciation system!
  • Learn the most common Chinese words for routine activities
  • Learn to string simple sentences together

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Beginner 2
– Survival Plus

  • Acquire the most useful conversational skills across a range of frequently used topics
  • Expand your Mandarin to more challenging topics, with increased fluency
  • Introduction to simple and useful Chinese characters

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Beginner 3
– More than surviving!

  • Build up a much broader vocabulary
  • Understand slow and simple speech, and express yourself with less help from others
  • Learn some ‘building blocks’ of Chinese characters (radicals)

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Intermediate 1
– Speak with Fluency

  • Able to contribute to more ‘chit chat’ conversations in reasonable detail
  • Master appropriate sayings for common Chinese customs such as festivals, cuisines, gift gifting, and weddings
  • Understand the DOs and DON’Ts of common Chinese customs!

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Intermediate 2
– Speak with Confidence

  • Develop more competence in most daily conversations with native speakers
  • Cover interesting topics such as the Chinese opera and drama performance, Chinese Calligraphy and painting
  • Recognise more useful Chinese characters for daily usage

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Intermediate 3 – On Your
Way to Mastery!

  • Develop your ability to sustain a good daily conversation with native speakers!
  • Use more complex sentence structures and tenses
  • How’s your week?’ segment of lesson to learn more relevant daily vocabulary, and improve your listening and speaking

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Advanced HSK 4
– Part 1

  • Have deeper conversations about work, life, experiences and opinions
  • ‘How’s Your Week?’ segment of each lesson to help you speak more spontaneously and acquire practical vocabulary
  • ‘How’s the Story?’ segment of each lesson to help you further strengthen your reading and comprehension ability

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Advanced HSK 4
– Part 2

  • Use more advanced adjectives, verbs, colloquialisms and sentence structures
  • Develop a clear and full understanding of HSK4 vocabulary and structures
  • How’s your week?‘ and ‘How’s the story?‘ segments

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Advanced HSK 4
– Part 3

  • Acquire a richer use of the Mandarin language like a native Chinese speaker
  • Develop good understanding of advanced words used in everyday life, business, books and reports
  • Use more advanced vocabulary, colloquialisms and sentence structures to describe your life

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Weekend Mandarin Courses

Too busy during the week and want to do some Mandarin learning on the weekend when you have clear head space?

Check out our week-night courses.

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Private Group/Individual Tuition

Looking for a flexible start date and time that fits your schedule?
Have specific goals or requirements that needs more individual attention?

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The China Unbound way helps you to remember more with less hassle

1. You learn the right content

Take the Chinese words for ‘mother’ and ‘cousin’. You can learn either equally quickly but chances are, you will use mother a lot more frequently! That’s why we prioritise the words you learn in order to make the most of the time you give us.

2. Learn the right content, the right way

The environment we create allows you to practise often and benefit immediately from friendly feedback. We also harness the latest technology, digital resources and learning techniques to provide an immersive environment where you can read, listen, speak and understand more.

3. Have fun learning

When you’re having fun, it doesn’t feel like work. That’s the beauty of our approach to teaching you Mandarin. Play-time anyone?!

“The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.”

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