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We offer a wide range of Chinese language courses for both individual learnings and for business.

We also offer Cantonese courses, or if you’re a Cantonese speaker who wants to learn Mandarin, click here for more information.

If you’re not sure where to start, our free group trial lesson is available, or you can take our assessment quiz.

Individual learning courses are for you if you are looking to learn Mandarin or Cantonese for personal interests.

Our Mandarin courses are divided into three categories, depending on what you prefer. Click on each category below to learn more.

Our business courses consist of Mandarin or Cantonese for business specifically, also negotiation and management training for Chinese business.

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Learn more about our flexible Cantonese course, tailored to your needs.

Mandarin for Individuals

We offer all levels from Beginner to Advanced Mandarin HSK 6, available in three different times.


Beginner level 1-3

  • Daily essential, survival topics
  • Can function when travelling or have a basic conversation
  • Focus on pronunciation and conversation
  • Systematically learn Character basics


Intermediate level 1-3

  • Expands from daily topics to ‘chit chat’ topics
  • Can use richer details to describe experiences, events and opinions
  • Focus on conversation and listening
  • Develop comprehension skills
  • Learn frequently used Characters


HSK 4 part 1-10

  • Expands to more formal vocabulary used in business and publications
  • Can understand longer texts and recognise implicit meaning
  • Can summarise, debate using complex structures
  • Focus on expressing ideas fluently and spontaneously
  • Lessons taught in Mandarin and in Characters

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Our Mandarin group classes are available in three different times. Check them out below to see what suits you best.

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